Innovative Technology Led Montessori Concept Aims To Change Indian Preschools


Bengaluru, India —

Montessori Education is well established and has been around for over 110 years. Many successful leaders such as Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google founders), Beyonce (famous singer) and many others have vouched for Montessori Education’s ability to positively influence young minds.

Over the years, preschool education has evolved. New techniques have been mixed with traditional approaches to reflect the needs of changing times. Kidz Kampus Edutech Services is leading an innovation which blends the latest technology into the traditional Montessori education.

Sonali, CEO of Kidz Kampus Edutech, says, “Montessori education is recognized globally for its ability to impart education to young learners. We are taking this concept to the next level by merging technology-aided learning with the traditional Montessori.” Hailing from a family which has been in the teaching profession for three generations now, Sonali was driven towards education naturally. She has qualified in Montessori education and has attained
degrees in early education from the University of Wisconsin, University of London, Penn Foster University and Jolly Phonics.

Kidz Kampus Edutech has created interactive software along with complementing colourful books. The software is based on ‘single click multiple feedbacks’ approach, which provides audio feedback, visual activity and animation led response to provide a rich response to the young learners. The same context continues from software to books as well, which makes learning fun for children. The concept involves the gamification of the Early Education learning process. To do that, Kidz Kampus has created several interesting characters, such as Cutie Pie Penguin, Naughty Monkey, Beautiful Butterfly etc. to teach new concepts to the children. After learning these concepts in colourful books, kids practice them in custom-developed software. In this software, these characters become alive and interact with the children.

Sonali explains, “The software’s ability to provide a rich-audio visual context and to continue the same context seamlessly to books has a tremendous impact on children. Immersive gamification and instant gratification spike children’s interest in learning. British early education centres have already adopted such mechanisms nationwide. They are live proof of the success of this concept.

Kidz Kampus plans to bring the same proven concept to the Indian preschool industry.” Kidz Kampus is taking this innovative new concept to the field by setting up a chain of preschools across the country.  But the question remains – how will they integrate such a high-end technology into preschools? Most of the primary school teachers may not be exposed to the concept of operating software for teaching kids.

To this, Sonali explains, “Kidz Kampus team has Centralized Shared Service centres to support the preschool operations. The Centralized Shared Service centres provide extensive training to the teachers of our franchisees on how to use the software in day-to-day operations along with the books.”

“It is not practical for franchisee partners to send teachers away for frequent training sessions. At the same time, training teachers is very important as they are responsible for delivering quality education to children. Looking at these issues, Kidz Kampus Edutech has devised an online training mechanism for teachers using its software which ensures quality education”, she added.

One of the biggest gaps in our education system today is English pronunciation. The Indian education system doesn’t include phonetics as a part of the curriculum. Learning phonetics using arcane phonetics symbols is not practical for the Indian context. The problem becomes even more acute in B-class and C-class towns, where finding teachers with appropriate English accents is not practical for franchisees.

The Kids Kampus Edutech software addresses this problem by speaking to children in neutral, conversational English which is easy to grasp. This creates the right benchmarks for the children. Laying an appropriate educational foundation for young learners is an important building block for any society. Leveraging technology to raise the educational standards of India’s children to a global level is a noteworthy initiative.  We need more innovators and entrepreneurs like Kidz Kampus Edutech in our society today to achieve this noble objective.

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HealthSetGo founder Priya Prakash wins Global Award for School Health Program



HealthSetGo founder and CEO Priya Prakash has won the Global Citizen Cisco Youth Leadership Award for 2019 for her school health program that aims at providing 360 degree healthcare support to children at the school.

The prestigious award honors an individual aged 18 – 30 who is bringing about a positive change in the world by solving some of its biggest global challenges. The award includes a US $250,000 prize paid to the individual’s organization to which the individual contributes, to further their mission of accelerating global problem solving.
The Cisco Youth Leadership Award for 2019 was given to Prakash by Cisco Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer Fran Katsoudas, in December of 2019 at the Royal Albert Hall, London.

The prestigious finalist group, which Prakash was a part of, included four other individuals who are each working continuously to shape the world like never before. Prakash’s HealthSetGo is a healthcare organization that supports the UN’s global sustainable development goals and is dedicated to improving the health and lives of children.
From 6th grade through college, she suffered weight-related bullying that eventually had a devastating impact on her emotional wellbeing and mental health. She finally decided to take charge of her life, and adopted a healthy lifestyle that not only led her into maintaining a healthy weight, and gaining self confidence, but also becoming a state-level weightlifter. Having brought about a positive change in her life, she now wanted to help others in leading a healthy life.

Speaking on the occasion Priya said, “Today, I encourage all schools to take steps to ensure that they are fostering a health promoting environment. Let’s give every child a chance of a healthier life.”  With a vision to empower parents, doctors, schools, and governments, Prakash founded HealthSetGo – a company that uses digital technology to make data-driven decisions to improve the health and lives of children. The company creates a ‘digital health report card’ with the help of artificial intelligence & data analytics that provides complete information about a child’s health aged 2 – 17 which helps in finding the diseases or other issues he or she might have. During health
examination, doctors record the information in real time on HealthSetGo’s proprietary app and make it instantly shareable, thereby providing a single place for medical records to be stored.  HealthSetGo has also introduced ‘HealthSetGo CAREBox’, which contain health curriculums for specific age groups that help teachers in teaching children about hygiene and sanitation, physical health, mental well-being, and food and nutrition in a fun way with the help of activities.

The aim of the CAREBox is to drive behavioral change in habit formation and enable kids to make healthy
seeking choices. Under her leadership, the organization, in a span of 4 years has become India’s largest healthcare
organization for schools which currently operates in over 77+ cities across the country, impacting 250,000 students and parents. Prakash has decided to use the prize money provided by Cisco to expand access to healthcare services, and ensure that they reach those who need health support the most to continue creating a sustainable intervention.

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Know It All With Havenspire: A Community You Can Trust –


“Trading is not about being right. Trading is a game of math. It is about finding setups that offer you a good risk or reward and pulling the trigger” – Mike Bellafiore


Any internet search about stock market trading will declare that the equity market provides a secure and controlled environment where its participants can transact in shares and invest with zero to almost very low operational risks. If anyone can go in and come back rich whenever they want to, it would be too easy though isn’t it? Most people stay away from the trading industry because they fear their losses will be immense and that it’s basically a gamble to invest in it.

This is the part where Havenspire and its co-founders can shine some light. They believe that gambling is all about 50-50 chance and that a good trader would never take such a risk with his or her shares. That’s an amateur’s trading pattern and not a professional and educated trader’s.

Havenspire, a community that took birth in Mr Ritvik Vipin’s and Mr Akash Jayan’s hostel rooms during the time they were pursuing their bachelor’s degree at VIT has now emerged as the leading source of education and specialization in the stock market industry nation-wide with more than 1000 aspiring members trying their hand at trading.

At Havenspire, they provide a membership program quite different from the typical online channels where anyone, from people completely clueless to decent traders, can up their game and gain knowledge about the stock market. Anything and everything you need to know about the functioning of the market will be explained from the basics giving anyone a fair chance at making their profits in a short period of time. Professionals will help you to understand the learning curve of being a good and planned trader, clear doubts on their WhatsApp group and assist you in your initial trades.

Through this, they fast track your opportunities and chances of making profits even though the domain of trading is extremely scattered. So why wouldn’t you go for it?

Trading surely isn’t an easy game. There are numerous aspects that have to be taken into account and online articles and YouTube videos just aren’t enough to help you get to the top. The most important skills a trader should have are proper risk management and discipline to know when to enter a trade, when to exit and how to cut the losses you may face and that’s exactly what Havenspire does with their style of mentoring. The market can always move against you whether you like it or not but calculated risks and a pristine risk management setup are what can save you
from huge losses that you can’t come back from. It’s also important to remember that, it’s never about the number of trades you make rather about the quality trading setup you create with effort and experience. Anyone believing that trading is a get rich quick strategy will lose everything at the

snap of a finger. Havenspire addresses the fears anyone can have and works with you and teaches you about the market structure and not just general indicators to overcome those fears and make you wish you started early.

Their vision has always been to help its members inherit financial independence. Having absolute control over your finances is the outcome of commitment, passion and perseverance and once you let your winners run with the help of the life skill you have access to with the help of Havenspire, you will always want this as a side hustle and stay intrigued.

Havenspire has achieved to create a foundation that binds its members together with utmost trust and their constant profits and gratitude are proof of the same. They have successfully led the way for anyone who wants to learn about trading and their Instagram platform @havenspire will give you a glimpse of the immense support and success rates they receive from their members every single day.

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Digpu News Network Announces Tech Whiz 2019 – Top 100 Tech Experts –

Digpu News Network lays a platform to recognise the Top 100 Tech Experts in India. Tech

Whiz calls out all tech geeks of the country to participate

India, an emerging world power, is becoming a hub of solution providers with extraordinary technical prowess. According to The Global Skill Index Report 2019, India is one among the emerging technical power around the globe, ranking 44th in the world. While innumerable Indian minds have proved their mettle in the global arena, we truly believe India has more to offer. To illuminate the world on this, Digpu News Network announces Tech whiz 2019, a global recognition program to acknowledge and appreciate India's Top 100 Tech Experts. Tech Whiz is a first-of-its-kind initiative where the individuals can showcase their expertise to the world. The Top 100 Tech Experts will be selected based on authentic reviews and public mandate.

Digpu News Network invites all techies from their respective niches to enrol in Tech Whiz and exhibit their technical projects and unique products. There is a one-time application fee of INR 25,000 and against this, Digpu will showcase their projects on Top Global News Channels including News 18, Hindustan Times, Live Mint, First Post among 200 others.The last date of application is 10th January 2020.

Inspiration Behind Tech Whiz Speaking on Tech Whiz, Kunwar Devender Singh, Director, Digpu News Network, said, " Almost every day, we read or hear about some of the fascinating projects accomplished by supremely talented people of India. But, within a day or two, the buzz is gone. The focus then shifts to some other news or happening in the country. With Tech Whiz, we are looking at giving the right media exposure to all intriguing Tech projects and developments. With such massive recognition, these projects can get national or international funding more easily now.

I am thankful to our news partners for their extended support to Tech Whiz. " On asking about the inspiration behind Tech Whiz, he adds, " Tech Whiz is just the realisation of one of Digpu's core ideas – publication of positive news and highlighting things that really help to improve the society in some way. We aim to be a force multiplier in making the country and its people reach their zenith. The idea behind Tech Whiz is to appreciate the people who are doing well in their respective niches and to motivate others to achieve their goals. We want to give the worthiest people, the recognition they deserve. The program is focussed on skills and results. Everyone should come forward and be a part of Tech Whiz. " Technical Recognition Categories

The event is open to entries from all tech geeks and experts – students, freelancers, agency owners and everyone who falls in the following categories:

 AI Solutions & Analytics
 Cyber Security And Forensics
 Ethical Hacking & Security Software Development
 Mobile App Design and Development (Games, Music, Health Etc)
 CRM Expertise
 Machine Learning & Data Science
 API Development
 Software Tools Development
 Information And Communications Technology (ICT)
 Embedded Systems Development
 Clinical & Medical Technology
 Cloud Computing
 Graphics Development
 Animation Design
 DevOps & Big Data
 Biotech Innovation
 Gadgets Development
 Design Thinking & IoT
 Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)
 Sustainable Energy Expertise
 Robotics and Automation
 Other categories

Tech Whiz 2019 will recognise 100 winners across the categories and their projects will be covered by Forbes India Magazine and website. Also, the winners will be featured in over 350+premium news channels. In addition, they will get their digital news distributed via Digpu News Network, free of cost for the entire year 2020. Not only that, based on the public opinion, we will select the Top 3 Most Intriguing Tech Projects out of the Top 100 winners, based on the
overall strategy, execution of plan and impact of the project. The lucky winners will get the opportunity to be featured in 2020 by Digpu News Network in association with CNBC Awaaz .

For participation and more information on Tech Whiz,



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Venteskraft : A coming of age business venture

   Venteskraft- A coming of age business venture  

There is a popular quote among the international business community, “21st century belongs to Asia”. This is true for the most part since Asian countries have become the driving force of the global economy. India has been in the centre of this driving force and the stock market is its fuel.

The stock market of India has been touching new milestone now and then, So much s

o that it now 7th biggest stock market in the world. We are looking at innovative stock market businesses which not only progress themselves but also support the market too. Venteskraft is one such business venture, which has been proven significant to countless other businesses and has progressed so far that it will soon become among the top ten in India.

Venteskraft was co-founded by Rahul Rajeev Kakkookkal and Sheeja Mahin Balachandran in 2017. The company was registered at Registrar of Companies, Bangalore. It is a coming of age business venture because the way the company works is quite innovative and more approachable than traditional firms related to the stock market.

It focuses on a practical approach toward market and constantly tracks those factors which can affect the market either positively or negatively.

Unlike the traditional approach of conducting business over the phone, Venteskraft Company invests its resources to get a personal touch of its client. In fact, its founders Rahul Rajeev and Mahin BS themselves conduct seminars and webinars to have an insightful discussion with young novice stock market trainers and potential investors too.

This is like hitting two birds with a single stone as not only it helps trainees who have chosen venteskraft to
learn everything about the stock market but also a clever marketing strategy too because lots of top business community attend these seminars. Rahul Rajeev and Mahin BS started as financial adviser and they are stock market experts in the company.

Apart from stock market expert Rahul Rajeev and Mahin BS are social media influencer, writer, motivational speaker, and seminar expert too. A book titled, “Meet your daily expenses with stock market” by Mahin is very popular among the business community of India and recommended to almost every person who is starting their career in the stock market. They got a very talented team of expert who conducts a very meaningful seminar and presentation for
concerned audience. Their motivational programs are always jam-packed and tier A people attends them.

Venteskraft India LLP although started back in 2017, within 2 years it has made a mark for itself. The company has grown over to serving more than 50,000 clients. It has been expanded to 13  countries and has made a big impact in India. Both the founders are a very well known name in India, UAE, and Singapore. Venteskraft Company provides training and mentorship to young stock trading beginners. It’s clients include new as well as an established businessman too.

People from the Indian movie industry also seek financial advice from it. The company expertise  in helping people navigate through constantly shifting market conditions and their individual life circumstances in order to find a strategic plan that best fits their investment needs.  The projection of the company is to be a billion-dollar worth in the next five years. They have also set foot into the media world with Venteskraft Media, now solely dealing with business development program which offers to tutor students in the art of business development and makes a living as business developers.

Many students have their own startups in business development, under the mentorship of Mahin. In the age of internet marketing strategy has changed and people now can look up and verify everything a company claims. Venteskraft takes advantage of the same technology in order to reach its customers. What makes this company so successful is the approach of carefully analyzing the market to make a decision of investment rather than taking the approach of a gamble. It is indeed a game-changer business strategy.

By looking at current credential, this company is moving in the right direction to be true global business firm.

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Gurbaksh Chahal’s startup is changing the way marketing works for brands with the help of AI

Gurbaksh Chahal’s startup is changing the way marketing works for brands with the help of AI –

A few years ago, Artificial Intelligence seemed like a distant dream, but now it’s an everyday reality. From chatbots to self-driving cars, AI is learning more about humans and simultaneously assisting them to make everyday life easier. AI is now increasingly being used in creating digital marketing strategies and has proven to be way more effective than traditional marketing methods. Jumping on to the bandwagon of AI operated marketing, Indian-American entrepreneur Gurbaksh Chahal founded RedLotus.

Chahal is a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist who is using AI to completely revolutionize the way digital marketing works for brands. Born in a small town in Punjab, India, his family moved to California when he was four. Over the course of his career Chahal founded multiple internet advertising companies, which he later sold for great profits. One of his ventures, BlueLithium was sold to Yahoo for $300 million in 2007.

Since then, Chahal has founded many other companies which are still successfully operating. His recent ventures are RedLotus and Taara, which are both AI-based solution providers. “RedLotus is an intelligent marketing platform that helps brands reach new audiences to grow their businesses by combining data, creative, and media execution—all powered by AI,” Chahal said. The software uses internal data to understand their audience through enablement tools and CDP. It then tries to create effective messaging for the brand’s audiences through optimization tools.

RedLotus aims at creating outcome driven advertising, combining branded content with programming via Artificial Intelligence. The company also helps its clients understand who is seeing their ads and where they’re generating the most money from. Using AI for digital marketing, RedLotus is helping its advertisers gain much higher ROIs. “The beauty of AI is that there is no guesswork. We use AI’s data driven analysis to come up with more effective
marketing strategies while saving time and money,” said Chahal.

RedLotus is based in Hong Kong and has offices in Taipei, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Macao, Shanghai, Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. The AI-based marketing platform has won dozens of accolades and awards, including a Silver Award at Campaign Asia and multiple Media Excellence and Mob-Ex awards. RedLotus offers a plethora of tools and products to its clients, such as ConnectedTV, Influencer Marketing, Programmatic Video and an Enterprise
Class Customer Data Platform.

Chahal has earned recognition throughout the world for his pioneering work in AI and internet advertising. He’s received the prestigious Leaders in Management Award by Pace University and Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2013. He’s also appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show and featured in the reality show The Secret Millionaire.

AI is completely changing the landscape of digital marketing, providing accurate and effective results for marketers worldwide. Gurbaksh Chahal believes that AI is still growing and has a long way to go, but it also has the potential to completely change the world as we know it. Even though AI is already being used in digital marketing, soon we will be able to use it to do things that we’ve only read about in books and seen in sci-fi movies. And when that day comes, entrepreneurs like Gurbaksh Chahal will be at the forefront of the AI revolution.

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एक्वा सॉफ्ट के रिवर्स ऑस्मोसिस सोलूशन्स भारत में सुरक्षित पेयजल की आवश्यकता को पूरा करते हैं

Aqua soft reverse osmosis solutions fulfill the need for safe drinking water in India –


नई दिल्ली | एक्वा सॉफ्ट, घरेलू और वाणिज्यिक रिवर्स ऑस्मोसिस और वाटर वेंडिंग मशीन निर्माण कंपनी, जल शोधन उद्योग में सबसे तेजी से बढ़ते ब्रांडों में से एक है। यह भारतीय बाजार में उच्च गुणवत्ता वाले उत्पादों और उत्कृष्ट शिल्प कौशल प्रदान कर रहा है। यह जल उपचार और शोधन उत्पादों की एक पूरी श्रृंखला प्रदान करता है – घरेलू आरओ (Domestic RO), वाणिज्यिक आरओ (Commercial RO), वाटर कूलर(Water Cooler), वॉटर सॉफ्टनर(Water Softener), फिक्स्ड और मोबाइल वाटर वेंडिंग मशीन/वाटर एटीएम (Fixed and Mobile Water Vending Machine/Water ATM)।

एक्वा सॉफ्ट ने 2001 की शुरुआत से घरेलू आवश्यकताओं के अलावा औद्योगिक और वाणिज्यिक डोमेन की जल शोधन सेवा दी है। आरओ(RO) इंस्टॉलेशन के साथ, एक्वा सॉफ्ट ने वर्षों में एक वफादार ग्राहक आधार बनाया है। यह INR 6500 से 24500 की सीमा के घरेलू (Domestic) ; वाणिज्यिक / औद्योगिक (Commercial/Industrial) जल संयंत्र 50LPH से 10000 LPH तक और वाटर वेंडिंग एटीएम (Water Vending ATM) 100LPH से 1000 LPH तक की मशीनों का निर्माण करता है।

संस्था प्रमुख – प्रमोद बजाज ने कहा  –

पानी सबसे आवश्यक प्राकृतिक संसाधनों में से एक है और दुर्भाग्य से, यह पृथ्वी पर सबसे प्रदूषित संसाधनों में से एक भी है।आज शुद्ध पेयजल तक पहुंच भी एक चिंता का विषय है। 80% से अधिक भारतीय परिवारों ने अनुपचारित पानी पिया जाता है जो कई जल जनित रोगों और विकारों का कारण बन सकता है। ” इस चिंता ने एक्वा सॉफ्ट को हमारे फिक्स्ड और मोबाइल वॉटर एटीएम के निर्माण के लिए प्रेरित किया। 450 से अधिक एक्वा सॉफ्ट वाटर वेंडिंग मशीन (वाटर एटीएम) पूरे देश में पहले ही स्थापित किए जा चुके हैं। हमारे विश्लेषण के अनुसार, सभी को सस्ती और शुद्ध पेयजल उपलब्ध कराने के लिए अभी भी 2-3 लाख से अधिक वाटर एटीएम की आवश्यकता है। यही नहीं, हमारे वाटर एटीएम ने कई हजारों लोगों के लिए रोजगार पैदा किया है |

एक्वा सॉफ्ट अपने पैन इंडिया बिजनेस पार्टनर नेटवर्क के माध्यम से 100+ घरेलू और वाणिज्यिक रिवर्स ऑस्मोसिस वॉटर प्यूरीफायर (RO Water Purifier) प्रदान करता है। हमारे पास देश भर में 18 मौजूदा एक्वा सॉफ्ट फ्रैंचाइज़ आउटलेट हैं। यह उच्च लाभ वाले मार्जिन और रिटर्न ऑन इन्वेस्टमेंट (ROI) के साथ एक अच्छा व्यवसाय मॉडल है। हम अपने सभी फ्रैंचाइज़ी भागीदारों के साथ समय पर ऑफ़लाइन और ऑनलाइन समर्थन प्रदान करके बारीकी से काम करते हैं। हमारी जुलाई 2019 तक 50-60 और फ्रैंचाइज़ी आउटलेट्स में विस्तार करने की भी योजना है। वर्तमान में पूरे भारत में फ्रैंचाइज़ी वितरण के लिए पूछताछ(Distribution enquiries) भी जारी है। &

अधिक जानकारी के लिए, पर जाएं।
फ्रैंचाइज़ी पूछताछ के लिए, पर जाएँ

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