Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology Students Bag Three Prizes In Smart India Hackathon 2020

*  Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology (PIET) participated in SIH 2020 and secured 1 st position in two categories and 3 rd position in one category.
* Smart India Hackathon is a nationwide initiative by the government, to provide students a platform to find a solution to the pressing difficulties faced by people in their in day-to-day lives.
In the Smart India Hackathon (SIH), a flagship event of the Government of India, eleven teams from Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology (PIET) qualified for the final round of the prestigious Smart India Hackathon (SIH) 2020. Out of these, three teams emerged as winning for their ground-breaking innovative solutions. The institute secured
first prize in two categories, that are ‘Smart Communication’ and ‘Healthcare & Biomedical Devices’, and it also secured third prize in the ‘Smart Cities’ category.
Smart India Hackathon (SIH) is a countrywide project to provide students a platform to work out solutions for some of the pressing problems we face in our daily lives. It encourages a culture of product innovation and an approach to problem solving amongst students in India. The first three editions SIH2017, SIH2018 and SIH 2019 were extremely fruitful in stimulating out-of-the-box thinking in young minds, predominantly engineering students from across India.
SIH is a flagship event of the Government of India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the students at the grand finale of Smart India Hackathon 2020 via video conferencing.  He communicated his vision on the importance of a tech enabled India and the new paradigm of Indian education ecosystem.
Panipat Institute of Engineering & Technology (PIET) is counted amongst the best engineering institutes in Delhi NCR, because it orients the students in a manner that shatters theoretical boundaries and pushes them into the realms of a practical world view. The institute enables students to work in an inter-disciplinary atmosphere that propels them
to collaborate, innovate, ideate, and create their start-up or research ideas at PIET & Start-up Incubation Centre.
Therefore, the students were well versed with the concept of ideation, innovation and emerging technologies, for doing exceptionally well and securing three winning positions at the Smart India Hackathon 2020. PIET has successfully maintained its track record by securing prizes consecutively for the past three years.
Team ‘Bored Coders’ from PIET secured the first prize in the category ‘Smart Communication’, for the solution provided for IFS global issues. Team ‘Idea and Stommers’ also secured the first prize in the category ‘Healthcare & Biomedical Devices’ for a solution for the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in the. The third team from PIET ‘Tech Monks’
achieved third position in the ‘Smart Cities’ category.
Speaking about the feat, Mr Rakesh Tayal, Vice Chairman, Panipat Institute of Engineering & Technology said “We try and develop the skill set of the students at PIET in order for them to stand out by thinking beyond the theoretical barriers and stepping into the realms of ‘out of the box’ thinking and practical knowledge. This approach is going to help the students in their future endeavours, as they enter Industry. I look forward to my students participating
in many more such challenges and find solutions through Innovation. I express my appreciation to the government for giving a platform for students across the country.” About Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology (PIET)
Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology (PIET) was established by the Vidhyapeeth Education Trust in the year 2006. It is one of North India & leading institutions in the technical as well as higher education space. Its goal is to produce entrepreneurs, world-class managers, and technocrats employable throughout the globe. PIET, which is counted as one of the top engineering and management institutes in Delhi-NCR, has one of the largest student populations among engineering colleges of NCR.
The college is actively driving “Education 4.0”, which is an amalgamation of various elements like Blended Learning, Differential Learning, Collaborative Learning, Project-based Learning etc. PIET has been regarded as the best college for placements in the entire region and was honoured with several prestigious awards for its excellent placement record.

Admired as Awesome AJ, success mentor Ajaya Mishra is illuminating people’s lives

When people seek guidance for their life-changing decisions, the right person is the one who sparkles their life with positivity and helps them unlock their potential to become the person they were meant to be. And, this is where a success mentor like Ajaya Mishra comes in the picture. Born and raised in a small town of Odisha in a middle-class family, Ajaya, who is known among his friends and followers as Awesome AJ, has been pushing people to the best of their limits for achieving their goals, empowering them, and bringing a positive impact in their lives.
Ajaya always knew he wanted to pursue a career in which he could help people. Although, he didn’t know exactly what that path may be, he was clear in his desire to make a difference in the lives of others. “I always wondered why some people were successful and others failed to live up to their personal expectations even with same set of skills and resources. I wanted to understand this, so that I could make my life better and somehow, make a difference in the lives of people around me. This was particularly due to the struggle I was faced with, given the challenges and obstacles a person from a middle-class family confronts in his daily life.” AJ says.
“In the process, I read a lot. Books, especially autobiographies, helped me a lot and my life started to get better. I got to know that hard work is necessary but just hard work isn’t enough,” Ajaya said and chuckled.
He talked about his life-changing experience and said, “After graduating from a reputed engineering college in Odisha, I started to work in a factory of Jindal Steel. I began noticing people working really hard, but found them achieving just a cycle of nothingness. Life was not really successful. That’s when I understood that mindset is the key and understood the concept of Law of Attraction.” As Ajaya used the ‘Law of Attraction’ to his advantage and began to jump the success ladder, he also helped people around him by sharing his learning and experience. “The more I shared, the more people
around me benefitted, and ultimately became ‘Awesome AJ’ for my friends and followers,” he says.
In order to reach more people, he created his website  Later, a full-fledged online academy Awesome AJ Academy a reality when AJ ‘found his purpose’ to become a life coach and left a high-paying job at Accenture PLC. Pertinently, Awesome AJ Academy offers different powerful programs which help people to achieve their goals, fight depression, and lead a successful life. ‘Transform Your Destiny Program’, ‘Heal Your Heart Meditation Program’, ‘Make Your Life Awesome’ are some of the most talked about programs of the academy.
The contribution of Ajaya Mishra  became more evident when he founded the Academy and people began to open up about his contribution in their lives. People, including some well-known politicians, actors and singers, athletes, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders among others, have been expressing their gratitude to AJ, especially on social media.
When asked what makes him happy, he says that he feels content when his followers share their success stories with him. “And, this is what I love amidst all the mentoring and coaching I do,” he reveals, with a smiling face. South Indian Film Actress, Rahasya Gorak, Odia Film Star & Politician, Akash Dasnayak and Actress Nikkesha Rangwala are some of the names from film industry who have been very vocal about the positive impact of AJ in their lives. Ajaya Mishra started his mentoring journey in 2013 and seven years later, he is today an internationally renowned Success Coach, Law of Attraction Expert, and Life-Changing Mentor due to his path-breaking techniques in Success Strategy, Law of Attraction, Subconscious Mind Programming, and Business Success.
He is one of the most popular Life Coach and touted as ‘India’s No. 1 Law of Attraction Expert’ on YouTube with 400,000+ subscribers and over 28 million video views. Besides, he has created a tribe of his own on social media platforms – Facebook and Instagram.
Expressing his awesome thought, Ajaya Mishra says, “Optimism is the heartbeat of success and it is the core idea of Law of Attraction which drives people towards the achievement of their success dream. Life is full of positivity, and I just seek to get this realization seep in.” “To naysayers, I would say that hard work is essential for making difference to your lives but if the hard work lacks the right mindset, there is always going to be a missing link for the path to success,” AJ says
while countering the common misconception prevalent about mentoring and life coaching.
To people facing challenges in their career, Ajaya advises, “The first thing that I want them to understand is that challenges are temporary. No matter what they are going through in their personal or professional life, there is always a solution and there are always people who are there to help and guide them. Seek them, find the solution, believe on yourself and focus on your goals and success is yours.”

Mental Health amid the pandemic – A perspective 

Mental Health Coach Ronak Gajjar says that one needs to give importance not just to our physical but also our mental health.
Significant changes to our daily lives such as restricted movements, WFH, unemployment upsurge, economic breakdowns, home-schooling of children, socialising dearth has spread equally along with the pandemic widespread.
As per Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) unemployment of salaried people struck at 18.9 million during the pandemic; July alone contributed to 5 million. Urban areas getting the worst affected were 29.22%, as against 26.69% for the rural areas.
Fear and anxiety about this lesser known disease is overwhelming and is causing strong emotions irrespective of age, gender or social status. Numerous articles recently have written about spike in such anxiety, depression, unrest in relationships, suicide and so on as a result of COVID-19 which is putting an increased strain on the mental health. How do we help people experience less psychological distress in this new normal or atmosphere?
Ronak Gajjar, wellness & meditation coach, an intuitive healer and a spiritual mentor who has been a part of the holistic health industry for 10 years now, believes the answer first lies in changing our outlook. He opines that one needs to give importance not just to our physical but also our mental health.
Ronak Gajjar, a 33-year yogi has transformed lives of more than 1 million ‘spiritual-finders’ globally and has touched 6 million people on a mental level through online platform, corporates & specially designed programmes for CEOs & Entrepreneurs till date. According to Ronak Gajjar, physical health without mental health is incomplete when it comes to
overall wellness and they are so interrelated.  Managing our emotions and behaviours are better when we are in a good mental state which is vital amidst this pandemic. Regular and daily practice of meditation and pranayama helps
introspect our inner selves and posing a better perspective towards life.
Ronak Gajjar clarifies, “Good mental health or wellness is not about dodging from problems or having a perfect life. Rather, it is about living well and feeling capable despite life’s challenges. Our mental health should be a priority for us all.” When asked about what drives him, Ronak says, “Sculpting peoples mind through mediation pranayam and alternate healing therapies gives me immense satisfaction that my learning is helping lives be better. I don’t treat my work as just a profession, it’s my inner calling.” Deepen your spiritual connection and live a high-vibration life whether pandemic or no pandemic.
For more information about Ronak& wellness coaching and therapies, visit his website 

Dr. Hrishikesh Pai – The Trailblazer of IVF Technology in India 

Dr. Hrishikesh Pai is an excellent gynecologist and an IVF Doctor  in India and across the world. His medical expertise and experience in assisted reproduction technology – ART with a focus on IVF technology have made it possible for many childless couples to bear their offspring. 
Over the thirty years of medical practice, Dr Pai’s acumen in analyzing and solving the core reason for infertility in couples has increased manifold. His initiatives and efforts have led to the establishment of many state-of-art IVF clinics across India. It is for this reason that IVF treatment cost in India is very affordable and economical when compared to that in other countries.
His current focus is on treating patients experiencing recurring IVF failure across the globe. He is keen to tackle gynaecological challenges such as Infertility therapy, Family planning, Operative Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, and Endovaginal Sonography.  He has been the first gynecologist in India to introduce numerous innovations in IVF
technology such as ICSI for male infertility, fertility preservation in cancer & lifestyle using egg freezing & ovarian tissue freezing, as well as successfully treating patients with repeated IVF failures.
He has specialized in Preimplantation and antenatal genetics using the latest technique of Next-Gen sequencing. He has assisted in setting up the first Assisted Laser Hatching unit in India and helped to deliver the first laser hatched twins in 1999. He has pioneered the spindle view, oocyte freezing, IMSI, and embryoscope technologies as well. He has made it possible to have highly advanced IVF techniques made available in India at economical rates. People suffering from infertility issues can seek Intra-Cytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection, oocyte freezing & ovarian tissue freezing, and EmbryoScope – an IVF incubator to resolve them.
The Intra-Cytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection or IMSI is a procedure that magnifies the image of the sperm nearly 7200 times. This highly magnified image helps to choose the healthiest of sperms for conception.
Oocyte freezing & ovarian tissue freezing is a technique where the women can preserve their oocyte and ovarian tissue that can be used in the future when they are ready to conceive.  Dr. Pai offers the services of EmbryoScope – an IVF incubator for safekeeping and monitoring the fertilized oocytes in the desired atmosphere until they are transferred to the mothe wsafely.
Also, the presence of a Pre-Genetic Diagnosis – PGD laboratory at his clinics enables parents of abnormal children to identify genetic issues within embryos to ensure the birth of healthy children before implantation. These innovative IVF procedures and services have made many couples and individuals enjoy parenthood along with contented and meaningful existence.Currently, his professional associations include the founder and the medical director of Bloom IVF that serves nine cities pan India viz. Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Bengaluru, Muzaffarnagar, Faridabad, and Nasik.  Also, he is the Head of IVF Unit, at Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai, D.Y.Patil Medical College, Navi Mumbai, and the Director of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and Infertility Medicine at Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram.
Dr. Pai holds a prestigious position as the Member – Board of Directors of the World body of Infertility – International Federation of Fertility Societies (IFFS): a first for an Indian. He is the National Administrator and Coordinator of the FOGSI Manyata Program to reduce maternal and infant mortality in India. He on the editorial board of Global Reproductive Health IFFS Surveillance 2019.
His contribution in imparting the ART knowledge has been exemplary as he was a visiting faculty at D Y Patil Medical College and a postgraduate teacher at the MD and DNB examinations of the National Board Delhi. He has many research papers published in journals and books across India and worldwide. He has delivered lectures at more than 500
medical conferences and meets across India as well as the world.
In appreciation of his enormous contributions, the international agency Frost & Sullivan bestowed upon him the best IVF group in India award in 2013. He is the Editor, Indian Edition of British Journal of OBGYN BJOG and Founder Chair, Indian SIG ASRM. Dr. Pai states, “I am committed to my cause of resolving the infertility issues to the best of my capabilities and my experience. I will continue to do so in the coming times. I am contented to have delivered towards family planning and community health of India and the world as a whole.
Indeed, Dr. Pai has immensely contributed through innovative and breakthrough IVF- ART procedures in tackling infertility issues. He is one of the highly respected and most honoured personality amongst today medical fraternity.

Noise Affects Quality Of Care

Over hundreds of thousands of years, our ears have evolved to provide perfect hearing outdoors, in nature. But today most of us spend up to 90% of our time indoors, in environments not suitable for the human ear. This has long-term effects for both patients and staff in healthcare facilities.
Hospitals are places where ceilings, walls and floors all have hard and reflective surfaces. When it comes to sound, this means there is nothing to absorb it. It will bounce around and spread everywhere it can, raising noise levels and making it hard to relax and to have normal conversations.
A good sound environment is possible
It doesn’t have to be this way. There are solutions – sound absorbing ceilings and walls that comply with the hygiene demands in every kind of hospital environment, from intensive care units and operation rooms to patient rooms and airtight laboratories. This means patients and staff no longer need to cope with poor environments. Instead, we can safely bring the outdoor sound environment indoors, to increase wellbeing, performance, rest and recovery.
Research shows that high sound levels in hospitals and healthcare facilities:
* Impair sleep
* Increase stress
* Raise heart rates
* Delay post-illness rehabilitation
Enabling communication is vital in operation rooms
In specialist care areas, doctors and nurses have to communicate continuously in order to ensure that everybody is informed about what is happening and what is to come. It is crucial that decisions can be made quickly and that everybody is clearly informed about them.
When an acoustic solution is introduced, the change will be very noticeable. Stress levels will drop, staff will be able to communicate clearly without raising their voices and patients will have a much better chance of remaining calm.
In a study done by Saint-Gobain Ecophon at Hvidovre Hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark, two operating rooms were given different acoustic treatments. In operating rooms, communication is often made more difficult by sounds from technical equipment, activities and speech that bounce back and forth between all the hard surfaces in the room. This was the environment in the original operating room. Introducing a sound-absorbing ceiling  reduced the overall sound
level and hindered the sound from spreading. This was further enhanced with wall absorbers. They reduced the noise and thus improved speech clarity even more. Staff clearly experienced the difference and stated that, the most improved room was the place where they were most relaxed and could communicate without effort.
In this study three operating rooms were involved in the project. The first room was treated with an acoustic ceiling and the second one with both acoustic ceiling and wall absorbers. The participating staff worked in all three operating rooms.
Benefits of good acoustics in healthcare back office set ups and corridors
Up to 40% of hospital premises can consist of office environments. These offices may be used for administration, hospital management or nurses and doctors in wards. A wide range of activities are included in office work. At any given time, people may be talking on the phone, working in teams, holding meetings or performing tasks at the computer that require concentration.
Corridors are busy and vibrant areas in healthcare settings. They are everywhere and a natural part of every unit and ward. Patients, visitors and staff use them to move from one place to another. They are also used for moving beds, medical equipment and other supplies.
The solution is to stop sound close to the source, before it spreads, by adding sound-absorbing ceilings and walls. When this is achieved, and people are no longer disturbed by high-level background noise, they will naturally lower their own voices, resulting in reduced sound levels and improving speech clarity.
According to the India business head of Ecophon, Mr. Prateek Tandon, “In healthcare set-ups, it is important that acoustic solutions also meet the strictest hygiene demands with regards to cleaning and disinfection, and Ecophon has the right portfolio of ceiling systems and wall paneling solutions which can cater to these requirements in Medical facilities.”
For more information about good acoustic solutions for healthcare premises, please visit or or write in to

Meet Syam Babu who is turning eyeballs with conceptual photoshoots amid the pandemic

This South-India based photographer is gaining attention globally with a photography series holding the baton a class apart 

A week back, the cover shoot of a regional magazine in Kerala, and its behind-the-scene videos have been trending on social media platforms.  The shoot portrayed Molly Kannamali, an elderly actress from Malayalam film and television industry.

What excited the audience was an unexpected make over and the gorgeous postures the actress adored in a couple of western outfits. All these hold a wonderful backstory starting with the effortful planning done by Syam Babu, a prominent fashion and celebrity photographer from South India. He has created a huge benchmark among the fashion industry with a bold take on beauty and pride, transcending myths of beauty over age.

As Syam’s next assignment photographs are out, the fans of Modern Kannamaali shoot are in all praise and smiles As COVID-19 made an adverse impact on the pattern of the world and protocols suggest social distancing, Syam proves it that there are a lot of ways in which the humanity can still prove that we all are in this fight together, against this pandemic.

This time Syam has come up with a very unique conceptual photography series portraying five models from five different parts of the world. In a situation that sounds so troublesome even for a normal fashion shoot, he has made use of the now-normal communication technology and collaborative techniques to photograph every model, being miles apart

The shoot has went viral in social media, that portrays models – Maria Jorda, Pasa Mahallesi, Merel Trip, Cecilia Kongwa and Aileena Catherin from Spain, Turkey, Dubai, Africa and India respectively. All the five shoots are done outdoor, in order to showcase the noted elements of each city the model belong to.

While a normal fashion shoot include four or five departments, including photographer, stylist, costume designer, makeup artist, model and a lot of assistants. A shoot as such has opened ways for Syam Babu and his models to enact multiple roles, and still not compromise on the quality of output.

The garments that each of them used were from their own wardrobe, as suggested by Syam to make it simple with a black colored top wear, and any printed bottom wear of the model’s choice. Moreover, the makeup and accessorizing were also done by themselves according to the dress code.

While there are several factors that make a photograph beautiful, the part of emotional connection between the model and the photographer plays a crucial role. In this case, it was not that easy for him to practically implement his ideas by finding the suitable models from different countries and make them comfortable enough to pose the way he wants.

Syam has tried to maintain the uniformity within all the photographs by choosing the color black for the outfit, which represent strength and power indicating the fact that ‘ We are all united, and unity is our strength’. Syam Babu who has 18 years of experience in this field, has already gained attention for coming up with distinctive photographs with minimalistic props and settings.

He has worked with a lot of big names like Brett Lee, Sandesh Jhingan, Shankar Mahadevan, Vikram, Mamooty, Dulquer Salmaan, Manju Warrier, Priya P Varrier,  Alexa Strange, Aishwarya Pissay, Tovino and several other national and international level celebrities.

Out of the many projects that left a remark in Syam’s career, the cover shoot did for  a magazine portraying a physically handicapped woman, who lost her hands and legs in an accident, was a critically lauded one. He also did a photo shoot with a transgender celebrity, for one of the prominent news magazines in India.

Chaitanya Pandey Speaks About Post-Lockdown Golf

In conversation with Digpu, Golf prodigy Chaitanya Pandey talks at length about the impact of COVID-19 on golf, how is the sport expected to open post lockdown and his personal sports regime.

With the world in lockdown amid the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the casualties has been sports which had to take a back seat due to government-imposed travel restrictions and new laws on social distancing. Golf has been one of the sports most affected with courses shut up. One such golfer has been rising Indian star 8-year-old Chaitanya Pandey, whose meteoric rise to the top of his sport has been halted by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are the takeaways about Digpu discussion with Chaitanya Pandey on golf and life after the lockdown ends.

What is the extent of the impact of Covid19 on Golf ?

The obvious answer is that because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the government lockdown, we are currently barred from playing or practicing the game. Courses are closed, many of them have had to lay-of staff and are just operating with a skeleton crew.

Some groups have been hard hit financially by the shutdown as well, particularly caddies who rely on golf for the day-to-day work and do not have any other income. There are also many casual workers like greenkeepers who have seen their income dry up overnight.

At the same time all tournaments have been cancelled, and it is by no means clear when events will be staged again.  I was due to take part in some big events in Europe & USA, i.e European Championship, IMG Academy Junior World Championships in San Jose, FCG Callaway World Championship & US Kids Golf World Championship but because of the pandemic I am not participating.

When competitive golf does return, it is likely to be completely different than it was before. Social distancing will need to be maintained, spectators may not be allowed to watch events in any numbers for months, possibly years to come, and there will be many health and safety precautions.

What would you do once the golf courses are open for play?

The first thing I would do is hit some balls again just for the pleasure and freedom of being able to do so. After months in lockdown, the fact of being on a golf course again will be a pleasure in itself. After I had got over the novelty, I would then go back to practising my swing and my short game again, but, in the first instance, being back on the course would be enough. One thing that golfers need to be careful of when they return to action is not to try and overexert themselves the first time they get back on a course.

How are you staying with the game during lockdown?

I am fortunate to have a small golf studio at my home so I am able to practice my swing and also work on my short game. I have also been doing stretching, yoga, meditation and running to stay fit. I love to watch videos and films of the top professionals, so I can learn more about their game and pick up tips and techniques to try and adopt when we are all able to start playing again. I also try and stay in touch with my coach Rohit Bose over Zoom. He continues to give me tips and advice and helps me stay motivated and focused on my game.

Tell us about your routine during lockdown?

Before I start my day, I try and exercise and run for 30 minutes on tread mill to get both my mind and body up and running. I like to stay on top of my schoolwork as it always come first for me. I am doing 5 -6 online classes conducted by my school on weekdays plus home assignment.  An hour of Yoga and Meditation helps me to stay calm and focused. Evening hours I love to dedicate to my game which comprises of hitting 200 balls and short game.
I am an avid reader so read lot of different kind of books and practice and compose music on my guitar. Lastly spend time with my family watching movies etc.

What is your advice to everyone in context to the present times?

Obey the government guidelines, stay safe and follow the rules. This is a really difficult time for all of us but we are all in this together, so we just have to be patient and wait until the situation is under control. One of the advantages of playing a game like golf is that it teaches you to be mentally strong. I think you just have to regard the health pandemic as like having a bad round of golf. It is bad for a while but does not let it shake your confidence. Tomorrow is another day and hopefully, you can strike the ball better then.


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130 Students Placed By Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology Amid Fight Against COVID-19

PIET has also designed & installed a Sanitizing Tunnel in its premises and offers its robot ‘Ruby’ to hospitals in Panipat that can be used to serve COVID-19 patients.

Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology (PIET) based in Panipat, Haryana is a leading institution for students pursuing Engineering and Technology and one of the best engineering colleges in Delhi NCR.

The institute has raised the bar by not only continuing education and ensuring placements during the COVID-19 pandemic, but has also contributed effectively in the fight against Coronavirus. Despite the nationwide lockdown, PIET enabled placements for its 130 students through the efforts of the placement co-ordination team and the robust processes, systems and due to brand recall already built by the institute

The success is not limited to just lockdown period. In fact, pre-lockdown more than 100 companies had already visited PIET for campus placement during the 2019-20 session and more than 500 students received offers. One of the students got a package of 28 lacs per annum in a Fortune 500 multinational company, thus PIET lived up to its reputation in academics and placement. The readiness is not limited to online placements. PIET, one of the few NBA accredited colleges in India and its students were ready for online classes even before nationwide lockdown, long before online education became a norm.

Continuing Education through Education 4.0

PIET adopted a remarkable academic narrative called Education 4.0 during COVID-19 implementing online classes and seminars. The institution seamlessly transited from an offline mode to a virtual delivery mechanism within a few hours while the nation was moving into the very first phase of lockdown. Education 4.0 comprises of a few key aspects like Blended Learning, Differential Learning and other innovative modes of learning and discussions.
Tech-driven contribution to fight against COVID-19 While ensuring continuous education and placements, PIET is also playing an active and effective role in empowering people in the fight against COVID-19. A team of 3 students from PIET’s IT department developed a web app called COVID-19 self-assessment test and tracker, to detect COVID-19.

This app provides the user with a self-assessment test and includes a symptoms checker functionality andsuggests appropriate responses. It gives results in the form of a percentage, on the chance of having COVID-19 infection. Not only is the app a force-multiplier in the fight against Coronavirus, it is also testimony to PIET being one of the top Artificial Intelligence colleges in India. Speaking on the initiatives to combat COVID-19, Mr. Rakesh Tayal, Vice Chairman, Panipat Institute of Engineering & Technology said, “Given the current scenario we all are in, all the tools should be used. The fight against COVID-19 is tough but we believe that every problem has a solution. Hence, it is imperative for all of us to come together and make our respective contributions towards that solution. PIET passionately believes that the nation comes first and that is why, we have taken multiple steps to help the society. All innovative ideas have been put to their best use and we are proud that our students came up with an app which allows everyone with a mobile phone to access necessary information for COVID-19 symptoms.

We have also done our bit not to let the education of students suffer because of this pandemic. I would urge everyone else to keep safe and not let either the hope or the efforts down.” As part of tech enabled fight against Coronavirus, PIET which is also one of leading textile engineering colleges in India  has provided technical support in helping Mahadev Exports, a leading export house of Panipat, win the DRDO license for PPE Manufacturing.

Mahadev Exports is now manufacturing 20,000 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Kits per day. PIET has also designed & installed a Sanitizing Tunnel in Premises and offers its robot named ‘Ruby’ to the hospitals in Panipat that can be used to serve medicines and food to the COVID-19 patients. This user-friendly robot can be controlled from up to 100 meters of distance reducing human interaction and helping medical staff to minimize contact. As one of the top BTech colleges in Haryana and India, PIET was ready before Coronavirus hit and is prepared now to ensure bright future of its students.

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टारगेट एकाउंट्स – मंदी में भी कमाएं मुनाफा

टारगेट एकाउंट्स के संस्थापक CA संजय जसवानी और स्वीटी उपाध्याय ने इस  मंदी के दौर में अपने प्रशिक्षुओं को लाखों का मुनाफा कराया। टारगेट एकाउंट्स एक ISO एवं NSE द्वारा पंजीकृत कंपनी है, जहाँ प्रशिक्षुओं को वित्तीय साक्षरता और शेयर बाजार एवं रियल एस्टेट का ज्ञान देते हैं।

संजय जसवानी एवं स्वीटी उपाधयाय, सह-संस्थापक, टारगेट एकाउंट्स

संजय जसवानी, जिनके पास शेयर बाजार में 10 वर्षों का अनुभव है, उनका कहना है कि आजकल के दौर में शेयर बाजार तथा वित्तीय
प्रक्रियाओं का ज्ञान होना बोहत आवश्यक हो गया है। संजय कहते हैं,शेयर बाजार आय के उन विकल्पों में से है, जो कि हर दौर और हर परिस्थिति से अछूते रहते हैं। शेयर बाजार के ज्ञान से लोग घर बैठके ही अपनी आय बढ़ा सकते हैं। कोविद-19 के इस कठिन समय में भी ये बाजार अपने ग्राहकों को निराश नहीं कर रहा है।

टारगेट एकाउंट्स के प्रशिक्षुओं का कहना है कि वो इस मंदी के दौर में ज्यादा आय  घर बैठे ही कमा पा रहे हैं। इसके अलावा इन प्रशिक्षुओं ने अपने लाभ और हानि विवरण भी टारगेट एकाउंट्स के इंस्टाग्राम हैंडल पे साँझा किये हुए हैं। टारगेट एकाउंट्स ने अपने आजतक के कार्यकाल में 1,800 से ज़्यादा लोगों को शेयर बाजार का प्रशिक्षण दे चुके हैं। इस कंपनी के इंस्टाग्राम @targetaccounts पर शेयर बाजार के लगभग  50,000 शिक्षार्थी ज्ञान प्राप्त करते हैं।

टारगेट एकाउंट्स की सह-संस्थापक स्वीटी उपाधयाय भी अपने इंस्टाग्राम अकाउंट @Investorgirl1998 पर अपने अनुयायियों को शेयर बाजार के बारे में ज्ञान देती हैं। स्वीटी जो की सरल वीडियोस के द्वारा शेयर बाजार के टिप्स अपने इंस्टाग्राम पे समझती हैं, उनका कहना है – मुझे मेरे अनुयायियों की प्रगति और लगन देखके बोहत आनंद मिलता है। मेरी यही इच्छा है कि ज़्यादा से ज़्यादा लोगों तक अपने ज्ञान को पहुंचा सकूँ।

संजय एक प्रसिद्ध किताब के लेखक भी हैं। उनकी किताब  “हाउ टु अवॉयड लोस्स एंड मेक मनी वॉयल स्लीपिंग “अमेज़न पे सर्वश्रेष्ठ किताबों का दर्जा प्राप्त कर चुकी है। इस किताब के लिए संजय को इंडिया स्टार अवार्ड से भी नवाज़ा जा चुका है।

इतना ही नहीं, स्वीटी उपाधय को शेयर बाजार एवं वित्तीय साक्षरता के ज्ञान के लिए इस वर्ष वीमेनस  प्राइड पुरस्कार से नवाज़ा गया। स्वीटी को अपने ज्ञान के कारण कई महाविद्यालयों एवं संस्थानों में भी भाषण के लिए आमंत्रित किया जाता है। संजय, जो स्वयं एक अर्थशास्त्री हैं, वे किसी भी देश कि तरक्की के लिए उसके नागरिकों कि आर्थिक साक्षरता पर ज़ोर देते हैं। उनका मानना है कि जो लोग शेयर बाजार को जानते नहीं है, केवल वही इसे सत्ता या किस्मत कि बाज़ी मानते हैं।

संजय कहते हैं – अमेरिका जैसे विकसित देशों की सफलता का एक कारण ये भी है कि उनके नागरिक आर्थिक रूप से साक्षर हैं। वे शेयर बाजार को समझते हैं तथा उसमे निवेश करते हैं। यही आंकड़ा विकासशील देशों में बोहत काम है, जिस कारण देश के विकास पे भी प्रभाव पड़ता है।

टारगेट एकाउंट्स का सपना यह है कि जैसे लोग स्वतंत्रता दिवस, गणतंत्र दिवस, दिवाली, होली को उत्साह से मानते हैं, वे वित्तीय स्वतंत्रता के लिए भी एक दिन मनाएं जिससे भारत सफलता कि ऊंचाइयों को छू सके।

From A Rookie To A Trader And Educator: Darshan Hirpara’s Journey In The Stock Market

“The market needs more participants and when one person grows, another person’s growth is automatically accelerated,” said Darshan Hirpara, 23 when asked why he wants to teach his strategies to others. It was a rather enlightening conversation about his successful financial journey. Here are excerpts from the discussion –

Q. When did you first start trading and how did it happen?

A. I first started trading in the stock market while in secondary school at the age of sixteen with parental permission. I learnt everything on my own and didn’t have a mentor or anyone to guide me. My mother was a little apprehensive in the beginning because she thought it was gambling but luckily my father liked the fact that I was showing ambition and thinking outside-the-box. He wished to ascertain what I may create of it. I started trading with money
that I had been saving over the years from my birthdays and took another 25,000 rupees from my father. I restricted myself to only 50,000 rupees in the beginning. It wasn’t a smooth ride in the beginning, and I had many rough months initially. However, over the course of time, I developed a better understanding of the market and how to adapt to market conditions in order to succeed.

Q. Tell us a little more about your journey.

A. Funnily a few people would probably say that I started my trading journey backwards. I started trading options whereas most people usually begin by trading stocks and then shift to options later. Back then, I can say that I used to be doing a lot more investment than trading as I used to be holding positions for many weeks at a time, some even longer. Once I graduated and completed my BBA degree, I had a little bit more time and control over my
schedule. That is when I started trading more. I spattered in cryptocurrencies for many months and came back to the stock market. I got sucked into trading penny-stocks and shorting penny-stocks for a while. Later. I also started swing trading stocks, day trading and shorting momentum stocks. Once I started getting a bit of success with swing trading and trading momentum stocks, I began to incorporate my knowledge of options into my day trading and swing trading strategy to maximize the profit.

Speaking of my experiences, I’d like to extend my gratitude to Mr Naman Agarwal, Mr Jaymesh Koyani, Mr Nikunj Shingala and Mr Jaydeep Koyani who contributed and helped me in this journey.

Q. When did you first think about turning an educator and starting your own venture?

A. A lot of friends and people, in general, came to me for tips from time to time and the reaction was great. This is what led me to start Trading Mantras in January 2019. As they say, experience is the best teacher. I think learning from someone else’s mistakes is one of the wisest things you can do so hopefully the next generation of traders can learn from my mistakes and achieve greater heights through this platform.

Q. That’s interesting but why would you want to disclose your trading secrets?
A. I don’t look at it like that. I think that the market needs more participants who are doing well and when one person grows, another person’s growth automatically gets accelerated. I am confident that Trading Mantras will help and inspire people to succeed in their profession and become financially independent.

Q. Tell us more about the course being offered by you and your overall vision behind
this venture.
A. Everything happens through the online portal where one can access my recorded sessions on trade and securities. Once someone subscribes to the course, he/she is given login credentials which they can use to access my webinars and classes. I have personally curated a lot of things that will be offered through this platform including a uniquely powerful approach to make millions by short-selling options, or option writing strategies. I have also written a book on these full-proof stock market trading strategies which should be out very soon. I think it makes a lot of sense to do your homework or have a mentor before entering the stock market. I aim to be that mentor to the gen-next traders and help them climb the ropes to monetary success.

To find out more about Darshan Hirpara – a multi-asset trader, financial strategist and founder of Trading Mantras visit,  Join him as he helps you give flight to your financial dreams.

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