Amit Mishra To Surprise His Fans On Holi With ‘Aayi Re Holi

The Holi of 2020 is going to be very special sincethe youthful voices of India Amit Mishra and Paulami Mazumdar are coming up with a rocking number ‘Aayi Re Holi’ to enhance the joy of the festival of colours.

This song is produced by SiyonaaJhanwar,directed by Vijay Nayyar, written by Arafat Mehmood, mixed and mastered by Chakir Hussain, andcomposed byAnjana Ankur Singh. The onscreen chemistry of the lead pair,SiyonaaJhanwarand Nikhil Chaudhary further enhances the beauty of the song.

SiyonaaJhanwar who also played the female lead is very optimistic about ‘Aayi Re Holi’ as it reflects the current scenario of Holi. According to her, “We are all set to add some freshness and zeal in the Holi party of 2020. The concept of this song is completely youth-oriented, here you will find the necessary enthusiasm and energy to rock any party. The miraculous voice of Amit Mishra and wonderful conceptualization by Vijay Nayyar have created an irresistible party song. No one can describe the beauty of music by words. If you actually want to understand you have to listen and feel the song.”

She further adds,“I played the character of a high society girl who is celebrating Holi along with her friends and suddenly a group of uninvited boys enters our party. Then the story proceeds as one boy from the group, comes close to me and says Aayi Re Holi…….in a lovely tone. Now all the members are dancing and applying colours on each other on the bits of Aayi re Aayi…………Aayi re Holi……….”


autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> Nikhil Chaudhary, who is looking like a Gully Boy in the song is also very excited, he said- “I am sure! If you hear this song for once, you would not be able to control your feet on the dance floor. My reaction was simply- Wow! when I saw the final video of the song. This one is different from traditional Holi songs in many ways. The situation and characters are very close to reality and I think anyone can connect with this song very easily. Amit Mishra is just amazing in this song, actually, I am a big fan of his voice.”

This rocking number is releasing on 5th March by B4u Music. You can download it from Amazon Music,
iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, JioSaavn and other platforms as well.

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Chakir Hussain Talks About Griebs Music’s ‘Bepata’ Sung By Abhijit Vaghani –

 This song depicts the beauty of love which can happen anytime, anywhere and with anyone! Here a rich and handsome boy falls for a simple girl who used to teach underprivileged kids

In the month of love, Griebs Music Private Limited of Mr Chakir Hussain has brought a musical love story called ‘Bepata –

The song has been sung by Abhijit Vaghani, who is also playing the main lead, with Donal Bist. This song is composed by Anajana Ankur Singh and written by Arafat Mehmood. The producer of Bepata, Chakir Hussain, described it, as a tale of eternal love. About the song, Hussain says “This song depicts the beauty of love which can happen anytime, anywhere and with anyone! Here a rich and handsome boy falls for a simple girl who used to teach underprivileged kids.

“He further added “This would be the first solo of Abhijit as a singer and actor, but he played the character of a selfless lover very well. On the other hand, Donal completely justified the role of a simple next-door girl, who is working for the betterment of poor children.


So, how they meet? In the answer to this question, Mr Chakir Hussain said “When you saw a beautiful girl from outside as well as inside then it becomes impossible for anyone to resist. And same is the case with our hero, who experienced love at first sight! When he saw a pretty girl with a pure heart, teaching kids on the streets, his heartbeats increased by a thousand times.

Then the story continues as both of them have similar feelings, for each other. But destiny has its own plans!”
Now, what next? Smiling gently, Mr Chakir Hussain said “Unfortunately, the girl died, and the boy became completely restless, he is just wondering on streets to find the reason for his survival. He keeps on visiting those places again and again where they spend time together.

In short, he is incomplete depression after losing the girl whom he loved unconditionally. Now life has become
worthless for him! As in the song “Tere Bina main bee ptaaa” then suddenly a small girl holds his hand with a beautiful smile and in the response, he also smiles back, after several months.”

Please tell me, what is the end of this heart touching love story- Did she came back? Who was that small girl? Then he said- “Well, to get answers to all these questions, you have to watch the video of ‘Bepata’ which was released yesterday on 20 February 2020.

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