From A Rookie To A Trader And Educator: Darshan Hirpara’s Journey In The Stock Market

“The market needs more participants and when one person grows, another person’s growth is automatically accelerated,” said Darshan Hirpara, 23 when asked why he wants to teach his strategies to others. It was a rather enlightening conversation about his successful financial journey. Here are excerpts from the discussion –

Q. When did you first start trading and how did it happen?

A. I first started trading in the stock market while in secondary school at the age of sixteen with parental permission. I learnt everything on my own and didn’t have a mentor or anyone to guide me. My mother was a little apprehensive in the beginning because she thought it was gambling but luckily my father liked the fact that I was showing ambition and thinking outside-the-box. He wished to ascertain what I may create of it. I started trading with money
that I had been saving over the years from my birthdays and took another 25,000 rupees from my father. I restricted myself to only 50,000 rupees in the beginning. It wasn’t a smooth ride in the beginning, and I had many rough months initially. However, over the course of time, I developed a better understanding of the market and how to adapt to market conditions in order to succeed.

Q. Tell us a little more about your journey.

A. Funnily a few people would probably say that I started my trading journey backwards. I started trading options whereas most people usually begin by trading stocks and then shift to options later. Back then, I can say that I used to be doing a lot more investment than trading as I used to be holding positions for many weeks at a time, some even longer. Once I graduated and completed my BBA degree, I had a little bit more time and control over my
schedule. That is when I started trading more. I spattered in cryptocurrencies for many months and came back to the stock market. I got sucked into trading penny-stocks and shorting penny-stocks for a while. Later. I also started swing trading stocks, day trading and shorting momentum stocks. Once I started getting a bit of success with swing trading and trading momentum stocks, I began to incorporate my knowledge of options into my day trading and swing trading strategy to maximize the profit.

Speaking of my experiences, I’d like to extend my gratitude to Mr Naman Agarwal, Mr Jaymesh Koyani, Mr Nikunj Shingala and Mr Jaydeep Koyani who contributed and helped me in this journey.

Q. When did you first think about turning an educator and starting your own venture?

A. A lot of friends and people, in general, came to me for tips from time to time and the reaction was great. This is what led me to start Trading Mantras in January 2019. As they say, experience is the best teacher. I think learning from someone else’s mistakes is one of the wisest things you can do so hopefully the next generation of traders can learn from my mistakes and achieve greater heights through this platform.

Q. That’s interesting but why would you want to disclose your trading secrets?
A. I don’t look at it like that. I think that the market needs more participants who are doing well and when one person grows, another person’s growth automatically gets accelerated. I am confident that Trading Mantras will help and inspire people to succeed in their profession and become financially independent.

Q. Tell us more about the course being offered by you and your overall vision behind
this venture.
A. Everything happens through the online portal where one can access my recorded sessions on trade and securities. Once someone subscribes to the course, he/she is given login credentials which they can use to access my webinars and classes. I have personally curated a lot of things that will be offered through this platform including a uniquely powerful approach to make millions by short-selling options, or option writing strategies. I have also written a book on these full-proof stock market trading strategies which should be out very soon. I think it makes a lot of sense to do your homework or have a mentor before entering the stock market. I aim to be that mentor to the gen-next traders and help them climb the ropes to monetary success.

To find out more about Darshan Hirpara – a multi-asset trader, financial strategist and founder of Trading Mantras visit,  Join him as he helps you give flight to your financial dreams.

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